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Company policy

Abadrahan company, by a trained and experienced manpower in the form of a development agency for the implementation of construction projects, construction, oil, gas, petrochemical, dams, irrigation, drainage and industrial engineering principles within and outside the country, Safety and Environmental serves to enhance their quality. The company is in the process of systematic, integrated management system under the international standard ISO14001: 2004 OHSAS18001: 2007, ISO9001: 2008 as an administrative model chosen for the construction zone Dardkhdmt believing more and more successful projects national and international, is the use of modern management tools. The company Badrahan barking outline its policy based on the following topics and considers itself to implement it effectively.
In order to achieve these goals is essential to observe the following principles:
Enhance the company's position as a leading institution of domestic and foreign construction projects with an emphasis on entry into the EPC.
Efforts to increase customer satisfaction, improve quality and continuous improvement of integrated management system through the identification, implementation, monitoring processes and organizational objectives.
Projects within schedule and the expected level of quality.
Continuous training for skills development and continuous improvement of processes and integrated management system utilizes the talents, creativity and innovation of employees.
Supply materials and equipment efficiently, appropriate to the needs of the project.
The obligation to protect the health of employees, reducing work-related accidents with the money clients through the identification, evaluation, and control of occupational hazards aimed to reduce risks during project implementation and compliance with applicable laws and regulations in this area.
Commitment to the environment and the prevention of pollution, notably including water pollution, soil and air, by identifying, monitoring and setting goals for the obvious environmental aspects during project implementation and compliance with applicable laws and regulations in this area.
Promote employee involvement in all aspects of management in order to increase efficiency and optimize costs.
Understand and implement this policy and the establishment of an integrated management system responsible for monitoring and reporting partners and it is the responsibility of the management representative.
I run, efficiency and effectiveness of policy and integrated management system periodically through them continued monitoring system management review.
Managing Director