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The list of Abad Rahan Pars International Group, Associates and Subsidiaries are as follows:

Abad Rahan Pars Construction Company
By aiming activities in Construction industry, Abad Rahan Pars Construction Company (ARP Group) has been founded on 1993 and started implementation of International and National projects in the field of road construction, technical structures, hydro-structures, railway, buildings, oil, gas and petrochemical industries. In addition to the client's satisfaction for earning reputation and prestige for high quality construction, by carrying out on-time commitments, ARP has been succeeded to reach to a level of expertise and capability by having 10000 technical specialists and skilled personnel, including hundreds of equipment and machineries as their national asset, has been recognized in construction development and job creation in Islamic Republic of Iran.
The company is proud of receiving highest certificates from Office of President Deputy for Planning and Strategic affairs for quality control management of "HSE" and "PMBOK" for establishing Quality Control and project management (IMS) in accordance with highest International standards, for being abide by professional ethics and relaying to the integrated management system in transportation, water resources development and construction for feeling more responsible in response to the earned trust.  Abad Rahan Pars by believing in the needs of the country and the region for reliable development, has cast his long term strategic plan for continuation of development with outlook for upgrading his activities in infrastructural activities of road, railway and water projects.

Tosseh Rahhaye Pars company
With over 32 years of experience, Tosseh Rahhaye Pars company (Formerly, Abad Gostaresh Pars), has been recognized as the greater contractor in the history of  the Ministry of Roads and Transportation for construction of highways, freeways, tunnels, bridges and local or International Airports in different contracts of investments for construction.
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Iran Industrial Consulting Engineers Company (ICEC)

One of the Adventist group of consulting Engineers for services in design, procurement and mobilization, management execution, commissioning and start of the largest development and industrial projects in Iran (Formerly called "Techno-log"), ICEC had been established on 1968 by Iran Industrial Development and Reconstruction Organization (IDRO), which in the course of privatization in Iran, the Company has been transferred to Abad Rahan Pars International Group.  
In the past glorious years of services for Industrial Consulting Engineering system of Iran, ICEC has been provided Consulting Engineering services in the past 47 years for over 400 projects including the following large National Designs and Management projects:
  • Plan for establishment of Azar-Ab Industries Company.
  • Development plan of Arak Machine Manufacturing Company.
  • Renovation plan of Tabriz Machine Manufacturing Company.
  • Plan for establishment and development of Esfarayen Alloy Steel Factory.
  • Plan for establishment of Isfahan Alloy Steel Complex.
  • Plan for establishment of Loleh-Gastar Factory.
  • Development plan for Phases 17 & 18 South Pars Gas Field
  • Pan for establishment 3rd Line of Tehran Subway.
  • Plan for establishment of SIPA Iran Khodro Diesel (Bus and Minibus) Factory.
  • Plan for establishment of SIPA Press and SIPA Security Glass Factory.
  • Plan for displacement of Zamyad pickup truck and Van Factories.
  • Plan for establishment of Hydrated Limestone in Azar-shahr.
Major current projects:
  • Engineering and Consultancy Services, site and high supervision of access road, service roads and surrounding road of Tehran Vehicles Testing Center.
  • Strategic studies, infra-structural design, estimation and development projects of Jahrom Free Economical Zone.
  • Pars Trading Complex, Construction and high supervision.
  • Engineering Services for modifications of Khatoonabad Copper Metallurgical, Kerman.
  • Engineering, Consulting Services, construction and high supervision of Sar-Cheshmeh copper refinery.
  • EPC contract for Meshkin-Dasht, Karaj educational spaces and research center of Material and Energy and utilization of Zero Energy Consumption by renewable energy.
  • Engineering and design consultancy services for water network system and mobilization plan of Alborz Tadbir Salamat Pharmaceutical Township.
  • Plan for establishment of Azar-Ab2 plant in Assalooyeh Special Economic Zone.
Design and Construction of all, buildings, roads, bridges (Steel or Concrete), all mines exploration, sales of minerals to the local and International customers (Raw and Processed) by obtaining necessary authorizations, participation in domestic and foreign tenders, buying, selling and exportation of building materials, machineries and equipment related items under the company's registration's defined responsibilities, including pipelines (Water, Petroleum and Gas), mechanical and hydro-mechanical equipment of all buildings , water, sewerage related equipment and similar.   

Abad Keyfiat Geotechnical and Material Testing Consulting Engineers Company
Abad Keyfiat Geotechnical and Material Testing Consulting Engineers, by aiming for carrying out standards and method statement of material quality control and provision of technical assistance and geotechnical, soil and rock mechanics, has been established on 2007 and started his activities in order to control NDTs (Non Destructive Testings) of materials and asphaltic courses tests.
Abad Haffare Pars Company

Abad Haffare Pars, has been registered on January 12, 1997 at register of enterprises and Industrial firms of Tehran, with goal of drillings and execution of in situ concrete piles.
By utilizing special drilling equipment and cranes for installation of reinforcement bars with thermic pipes and by efforts of experienced technical and engineering teams, Abad Haffare Pars has become the most limited companies which are specialized in the drilling and pilling fields.

Abad Pish-Tanidegi Pol e Pars Company
Abad Pish-Tanidegi Pole Pars is one of the subsidiaries of Abad Rahan Pars International Group, which has been established on 2009 in Tehran with the goal for provision of pre-stressing services, by utilization of today's technology and relying on modern know-how in design, supply of material and management for execution of pre-stressed concrete structures by post-tensile methodology has been executing all pre-stressed bridges and other technical structural projects. In addition to the production of cable sleeves and other elements of pre stressed structures for special cable bridges design and engineering services, the Company is also sole representative of DSI (Germany) for material provision and equipment of pre-stressed and post-tensile anchorages for utilization in geotechnical projects, and nominated as the representative of Foreign Consulting Engineering Company (DSI- Germany) in Iran.
The Company services are as follows:
  • Services for pre-stressed concrete structures.
  • Services for pre-stressed concrete bridges.
  • Provision and supply of pre-stressing jacks, pumps, strands pushers.
  • Provision and supply of pre-stressing clumps, cable sleeves in different sizes, including sleeve's glue, wedges, strand's coupler and tensile cables.
  • Provision and supply of neoprene and expansion joints elements.
  • Provision and supply of special forms for bridges.
  • Provision and supply of Pre Tensioned Bars (PTBAR) from "David AG" Germany.
  • Provision of Engineering Services for special cable bridges.   
Major Projects:
  • Shahid Babaee highway bridges.
  • Shahid Zein-Aldin "F" part bridge.
  • Saveh – Hamedan Freeway Km 123 bridge.
  • Esteghlal bridge pre-stressing services.
  • 72 Tan Qom pre-stressing services.
  • Hosseiniyeh 2 and Bala-roud bridges.
Abad Taradod Pars Company
Abad Taradod Pars, as one of the subsidiaries of Abad Rahan Pars International Group, has been established with registration number 332603 on 2008, for the goal of design, execution and supervision of roads safety, installation of road signs and safety of intercity, suburbs and external roads. The Company officially started his activities on 2010 by cold and hot pavement marking of different suburban roads with International standards in the shortest period of time by assigning skilled and expert personnel on the jobs. By being sensitive on Marking Paint quality control of the paints with International standards on Paint Quality Control and compliance with International standards before starting the pavement marking jobs. (Paint quality control like, coverage, reflex of paint and durability) including efforts for safety of roads.  As all pavement marking and installation of "Guard Rails" has been assigned by the mother company to Abad Taradod Pars and has become one of the fastest contractors for provision of roads safety furniture.
From the date of establishment (2010), with strategic approaches in production of standard "Guard Rails", the company is now installing full automatic guard rail production plant in the country with 3000 tones/year capacity.
Considering the capacities and potentials, including local activities, the company is planning to step into the International arena for carrying out road safety project in foreign countries. 
Abad Rahdar Pars Company
By considering importance of road and especially freeway maintenance, Abad Rahan Pars International Group, has been established Abad Rahdar Pars Company on 2011. The company is the first private firm in the area of road maintenance services in the country, in order to upgrade level of the road's safety and quality services for satisfaction of the clients. In addition, activities of the company consists of: cracks filling, asphaltic wearing course, installation and repairing road's signs, pavement axis and sides marking, guard rails repairs, winter maintenance and etc. of roads especially freeways with help of experienced personnel, systems and worldwide up to date planning has earned the capacity to contract projects inside and outside of the country.
These days, the company's reliance on experienced key personnel for influencing into demotic and foreign markets has been proven and by considering the above essential axis and attracting the experienced capable experts, Abad Rahdar Pars Company can play an effective role in road maintenance arena in the country. 

Tehran- Pardis Freeway Maintenance and Operation Company

Pursuant to implementation of the law for development and execution of the projects in road and transportation arena, by participation of banks and financial institutions which has been approved on 1987 by authorities, Tehran-Pardis Freeway Maintenance and Operation Company with sharing of %40 Bank e Maskan, 37.5% Abad Rahgostar Pars (Iran Roads Development Organization-IRDO) and Pardis New Township participation the Company has been registered on January 28th, 1981 as a "Private Joint Stocks Company (PJSC)"  with registration number 1755 has been established. According to the Article 2 of Company's constitution which includes: Maintenance and services of Tehran – Pardis freeway and side plans for development by investment of financial resources for partnership in the form of joint ventures, according to approved issue dated February 12th, 1981 of the Board of Ministers, the contract for maintenance and operation of Tehran – Pardis freeway between Ministry of Roads and Urban Development (as Deputy of Ministry and Project Manager) and with %30 share for the Ministry, Tehran – Pardis company has been established and based on issue 11/301 dated May 2nd, 2001, share proportion between the parties has been determined as follows:
  • Bank e Maskan                                                        %32
  • Ministry of Roads and Urban Development           %30
  • Abad Rahgostar Pars (IRDO)                                 %20
  • Pardis New Township Development                       %18

Karbala-Way Maintenance and Operation Company

Goals of the Company:
  • Provision of financial resources, Technical personnel team and necessities for construction, maintenance and Operation of Karbala Freeway, section 2 South lanes between Saveh – Hamedan Km 90 thru 175.
  • Investment for construction of special and lateral facilities of the Freeway.
  • Design, Supervision and consultancy for calculation of new changes, Quality Control and road construction.
  • Carrying out all commercial and business affairs of the company like, purchase, rent and importation of necessary equipment and machineries. 

Pol e Zal – Andimeshk Freeway maintenance and operation Company
    Pol e Zal – Andimeshk Freeway overall construction and maintenance, commitment for paying %50 of the whole costs for construction of the freeway and maintenance including  lateral plans, in accordance with law for investment of Bank(s) and country's other financial resources by forming joint venture dated November 15th, 1988 and attachment number 117B6080 dated June 15th, 2013 of the Ministers' Board approval, .including remaining design and completion of studies, like study of route surveying, preparation of construction drawings of freeway and importation of machineries, materials and industrial equipment for the purpose of company establishment goals including partnerships as joint ventures with government affiliated companies / NGOs both individual /corporate entities and all lateral activities comprising, Buy/ Sale and importation of authorized merchandises, participation in biddings and sell-outs both domestic and foreign firms, establishment of liaison offices and assignment of representatives for unlimited periods of time during construction and maintenance period of the project until full recovery of all costs, interests of investments and profits.